Every thing about content you need to know

In this video we are going to talk about content and we will be more familiar to this part of SEO, Furthermore I will answer to this stereotype question, is the content king?


Introduction to content


What is content really? By crawler bots attitude, every page that you create on your website is content, yes exactly every page also, your product category, services list, landing page, blog list, blog single page, even contact and about page is content.

By this view you must be more careful to write everything on your website, it’s better to say be careful to put everything on your website because images and videos and everything that upload on your website is content too.


Why content is necessary


Probably all of websites from smallest to biggest use content to share information about their business to users, in fact content is powerful tool to make familiarize your customers with your brand.

In addition you can change your viewer to customers by content, imagine your website is an online shop for some electronic devices, by making good content about this devices for example their usage or installation way and …, you can meet the needs of users in this product and as a result users will be familiarized with your brand and may buy the product from your website.


Content main parts


As I said before a complete content is the one that meet the need of users, you have to consider just this item, by this view if you should influence them by text, use text, if image is necessary, use image, this strategy goes for other content parts like video and extra things.

If you don’t know what compounds helps you, I suggest to start with text and images and try to analyze the viewers to know which content type is joyful for them.

Notice: please don’t use excessive parts in the content, for example if a content doesn’t need video, don’t include video, because google pays attention to extra part and totally useless part may hurt your page rank.

Content types

I must say that content is not just a page include some text and image or video, according to keyword, you can have a page full of image Instead of text content, by this attitude we can have this content types:

An image gallery or a video page for a title, for example London tourist attraction images.

A list item for a title, for example New York neighborhoods.

A product page with properties, price and extra information about it.

A page consist of question and answer about an issue.

And you can find over 100 type of content fit on your website.


Finally is the content king?


By above things, I ask you to judge? What’s your idea about content?

My individual answer is yes certainly.

With power of content you can improve your website visitor, start relation with search engines, free visit from google and many other benefits.

Ultimately I believe content is a powerful tool and it is so logical to use the benefit of it.


I hope I could teach you important tip of content that you need to know, if enjoy this video please share it and follow aliansari.net to see other videos.

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