Host and Domain

In this video we are going to talk about everything you need to know about host and domain, this video is usable for everyone who has a job related to web:

First and second step to have a website

The first step to have a personal or business website is order it to a developer or a company, and you need to have information about choosing your website programming language, if you don’t know which one is suitable for you, it’s explained totally in other videos. After order your website you need to provide host and domain for upload your website on the internet and make it usable for everybody, I suggest to do it by yourself and don’t leave it to the developer or company.

First question is, what is host?

The space that is shared from a server and allocated to your website, named host, clearly little space from a server, share to some client’s and you can upload your website there. There is various types of hosts with some options and facilities to grouping, let review each of them.

Host groups

Most important item that group host’s is operating system, hosts with Linux operating system can support PHP and WordPress in the other hand windows server can support .net websites.

You can buy your host according to these facilities:
Consider to space needed from your website.
Attention to monthly traffic.
Consider the limitation of domain, subdomain and database count.
Finally special item is price up your budjet

What is server?

Server is not a big computer, it’s just a powerful computer with special version of software and different ways to use, usually keep in datacenter and connected to stable and very fast internet.
Protect a server about network is so important, if you use LINUX OS it’s better to get help from expert guy’s to configure it but in windows server firewall solved this problem. There are two types of servers, VDS and VPS, continue watching as I explain


The difference between VDS or virtual dedicated server and VPS, virtual private server is just in your ownership. In dedicated server you are owned all of the server and you can even make some VPS from one VDS (Hyper-visor). Usually using VPS reduce the cost, because it’s shared between some clients.

Second question, what is domain?

Domain or website name is an address for calling your website on the internet, when you buy a domain name, you are the owner for 1 year and you can park your domain on a host, VPS or VDS. And when it expires the ownership keep save for you until two month.
TIP: Shorter and Conceptual domain name help your customers to remember you better and reduce the cost of branding campaign.


DNS or domain name server connect your domain to the server or host, there is common setting in your domain and host that named DNS and specify the relation between this items.
If you use server (VDS or VPS) In addition to set DNS you must set your server IP to your DNS setting or you must set private name server for your domain.

I hope I could teach you important tip of host and domain, if enjoy this video please share it and follow to see other videos.

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