Off page SEO

Totally all the activities outside of our website for example link building, advertisement, banners, visit base ads, ads in social networks even google-ads named off page.
Off page SEO is an important part of SEO and usually irritates google to crawl your website and increase your crawl budget, let’s start with the famous one.



What is backlink? A link from another website to one of your page named backlink.
Backlink is the most popular off page activity and everybody believe that it’s the only thing that can be done, but actually backlink is one of the options.
Google declared that backlinks are Ineffective in SEO but don’t believe it, let me explain in this way, remove links from web pages, how do you see? Lots of nonsense text.
Backlinks and totally links are important part of web and also SEO, I believe that it will be stable always.


Is it correct to buy back link?

In my opinion you have to do it because there is no other option for link building. there is many online shop to buy backlinks, but I suggest don’t use them because usually they present bullshit websites. Usually backlink shops introduce the websites with too much output link also your backlink performance will be weak.
In order to buy optimized backlinks you need to get started by your-self, analyze websites (use DA PA SS in link building), choose the bests for your state, start negotiation and finally buy it.

Free backlink

There is several way to make free backlink without any cost, Participate in forums, abuse comment parts of websites, make profile link in websites and some other ways.
Free link building is not a good way but it need as a supplementary method and you can use it to make, up to 10% of your backlinks.
In this way always be careful about quality, I mean if you are writing some text in a forum or when you are commenting pay attention that topic is related to your link anchor text.


Ad Reporting 

I think this is the best way of making backlink, in this way you usually allowed to put, up to five link in a text and have your own page in hosted website, you must pay for this type of advertisement and for more efficiency pay attention to the below tips.
Your article title is the most important part of it, I suggest to choose the title related to hosted website (because of performance) instead of your link anchor text.
About anchor text it’s important to say don’t use your main anchor text always, it’s better to use different anchor texts to make Google trust you more.



Image base advertisements usually have good benefits for websites, it counts as a type of backlinks, usually it’s expensive type of ads with good feedback.
You must be careful about choosing the website and design the gif image because this two factor have a direct impact on your performance.
For anchor text in this way you should use title and alt attribute of image to explain your keyword to google bots.


Follow no-follow and anchor text

I said before that don’t use your main anchor always, you should do it for follow and no-follow attribute too, it means you have to control your treatment in link building, let google to trust you and think this links are provided by hosted websites naturally, you need to behave normally and control the percent of follow no-follow and anchor text.


I hope I could teach you important tip of OFF-PAGE SEO, if enjoy this video please share it and follow to see other videos.

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