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SEO friendly website with good interaction to search engines have more chance to compete in SEO, let’s review impact factors together:

First and the most important item of SEO is speed, google always try to make good experience for end-users and usually pay attention to user’s network speed before any suggest, the offer is according to user network speed and device type.
If you are competing with a faster website, you never win before solve speed problems. It’s important to say In addition to landing page all of your pages that created in order to SEO are significant, you should do speed tasks for all of them.

Next important item is UI/UX, UI is abbreviation of user interface and UX- user experience. We want to know how these items effect on your website SEO. when you satisfy user with your page UI and UX, as a result of making good communication with page, user stay in your page more time, It improves your bounce rate that’s directly effects on your SEO, by paying attention to this issue you can get this item score too.

After UI and UX Mobile friendly factor is important, according to search-console and google-analytics reports everybody know that most of people use the web by their smart phones, you have important duty to resolve their need on smart phones browsers as a service provider on the web.
I have to say it again, by good view on mobile or any different device you effect on your bounce rate and also on your SEO, Lack of mobile friendly pages on your website can have side effects too or it’s better to say it’s essential to have mobile friendly website.

Last item Page Volume: High volume website usually is concern of every developer and also have side effects on the speed parameter, to improve this item you must consider to your website requests, in fact, images, CSS and JS files.
For complete this task you can get help from GT-METRIX.COM or LIGHT-HOUSE library, these are powerful tools in this context and explained in other videos.

Let’s review some tricks to complete this part:
Reduce and lazy load images: in addition to using low volume images you can get help from lazy loading trick to load your website images after first page load, in lazy loading you can have all of your images with high quality but a few minute after page load, if the user have a power full network doesn’t even feel it.

Minify CSS files: Cascade style sheet in short CSS should minify before use in the website, it means you have to clear all spaces and extra characters before upload on host. CSS-MINIFIER websites can help developers to minify easily CSS files online.
A website in standard state allowed to have just one CSS file but usually it’s not executable, already if your website have more than one CSS file you should try to merge it to one or At least fewer CSS files.

Minify and defer JS files: You should minify your JS or java script files by use defer word in the JS script tag, the defer let your JS file to load after page load so provide faster page load, as a result more attention from google and any other search engines.

I hope I could teach you important tip of SEO friendly website, if enjoy this video please share it and follow to see other videos.

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