Use DA PA SS in link building

This three words are presented by MOZ.COM and they are Abbreviation of domain authority, page authority and spam score.

DA or domain authority is a parameter to measure the authority of your domain and it’s directly related to domain registration date, indexed pages by google, backlink count and also backlink quality.
It is Obvious in all item of SEO quality has more priority than quantity. So an older domain with more index page and powerful backlinks has more chance to increase DA rate.

The PA or page authority is like DA but it’s exclusive to each page of your website, usually the PA number for a new page is 0 or 1, to improve it you can use internal link from other page or make some backlink for it.
TIP: Sometimes pay attention to your backlinks PA is very important too, it can be part of a perfect SEO strategy to improve rank.

Last item, SS or spam score is Sabotage percentage on your website, it grows up when you use copy text in your pages or when you buy bulk backlink for your website. Overgrowth of spam score may completely put your website in danger of penalty, so please do not risk too much in this item.

DA, PA and spam score are a point between 0 to 100, for DA and PA higher rate is better, on the other hand lower spam score is better.

The effect of these three tools increase when you want to buy link base advertisement from a website. Before start it’s better to install MOZ extension on your browser to check all page easily.

To learn it better let’s continue with an example: imagine that you have a website and it’s published today, according to gray hat laws you shouldn’t buy any backlink for 6 month, but if it has been created for 1 year you are allowed to make or buy up to 5 backlink with DA range of 10 to 50 and less than 10 spam score weekly, after bought all valuable backlinks and there are no more links to buy, you can increase SS limitation to 15 and continue link building.

For older website like 5 years old you should sort your references from highest but again start with less than 10 spam score and you can increase it to 30. In this case the quantity of backlinks is up to your budget but you must have steady plan for link building and never stop it, if you have a plan to make or buy 20 backlinks per week you have to continue it for one year otherwise you may have opposite result in your rank.
last important point, backlink position, I prefer and suggest to make backlink inside text with meaningful anchor text and Site-wide backlink never recommended by me.

I hope I could teach you important tip of DA, PA, spam score and best ways of use them, if enjoy this video please share it and leave your comment for me.

Use DA PA SS in link building from user view

  • imandabiri

    Jun 30,2021
    Thanks for your very helpful explanation, for me the link bilding plan you explained was very helpful. The only suggestion I have about the quality of your video is the use of ring light.

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