What programming language to choose

In this video we are going to decide about choose programing language for our website back-end code, this basement information help you to choose your programming language to start learning it.


Programming languages

There is conventional method to classify programming languages, everybody think that just allowed to choose PHP or .NET but there is other choice like as java, python, java script and…

We are supposed to choose the best for website back-end so just check PHP and .NET together and try to study about the differences.



PHP is an open source programing language base on LINUX operating system, it means you should provide LINUX host for your website and finally upload your website on LINUX OS.

Open source does not mean weakness in security, it means that the core exist and you are allowed to develop it. This is powerful programming language as like as .NET and you can develop everything by it. Totally there is no limitation in development and the only limit is about OS.



.NET is an expression, actually your website language is ASP.NET in this method, In ASP.NET you can write code in VB, visual basic or C# format, I must to say that the C# is the VB that improved. Now we know that C# is main language and ASP.NET come from C# too.

The difference between ASP.NET and PHP is just in commands and syntax, I mean you can do everything with both of them. Totally it is up to you to choose each of them and there is no limitation or extra advantages in each of them.



You can use ready platforms based on one of this languages, WORDPRESS is based on PHP, and some body developed it for you, you can install it on a host and custom it to your business by it’s powerful admin panel.

I suggest don’t use this ready plat forms because of their limits, the WORDPRESS is a powerful system but you can custom it to some extent, furthermore there is some extra libraries that prevent your page speed, also it’s better to have your custom website from first.


I hope I could teach you important tip of choose programming language, if enjoy this video please share it and follow aliansari.net to see other videos.

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