Where to start programming

In this video we will know where to start programming, it is not supposed to talk about technical and we are going to talk about basement of programming.

Before choose any programming language you need to know concepts about programming logic.

I suggest you to see the video ‘first step to programming’ before this video and see the video ‘what programming language to choose’ after this video.

Before start let’s be familiar with this two phrase ‘back-end’ and ‘front-end’, everybody should start with front-end and it use in all the programming languages.

Usually front-end consist of this languages: HTML CSS JS and some other things.


Let start from HTML or hypertext markup language, it is a front-end language to write everything you want to have in your page, totally all of pages in the web with each back-end code convert to HTML and actually users and bots see this part.

In this language you write everything you want between some tags, web browsers convert the HTML tags to some understandable form to present it to users.


Next item is CSS or cascade style sheet, it use to change the style of HTML tags, I said before that web browsers do it! Now why we should change it again?

Web browsers change the styles to standard view but if you want to make it more stylish or custom, you should use CSS.

You can use CSS commands in the HTML page, but it is not standard and this method is obsolete, the conventional method is have a CSS file in your project and call it from HTML page.


The last one JS or java script, JS use for style too, but not for static style, I mean it usually use to move objects on web pages and usually make, beauty on the move in HTML page.

About java script I must say it’s a simple usage of this widespread language, it is a full programming language and you can even write back-end code with this language too.

I hope I could teach you important tip of start programming, if enjoy this video please share it and follow aliansari.net to see other videos.

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