first step to programming

As like as other careers programming need exclusive personality too, in programming you need specific attitude and your view must be different. A programmer should have particular logic, everything in programming Summarized in this view and you need to achieve it before start.

Main commands in programming is IF and loop, actually other commands start from this two,  they are so logical commands, imagine a loop that filtered with logical IF’S in spite of fact the loop customized with IF clauses for you.


Programming Logic

Usually professional programmers after several year experience in this career, will find their specific logic and it should make changes in their lifestyle, treatment even decisions and this change come from programming.

With programming view you see the world as a loop that customized with your IF commands, now we want to know how to find this view and get help from it to be professional in programming skills, continue watching as I explain.


Get help from flowchart

The best concept to understand the programming logic can fetch from flowchart, let know more about the flowchart, we have four objects in flowchart (line, circle, rectangle, rhombus), circle is for start and end of flowchart, lines shows the road, we make decision in rhombus and finally do the task in the rectangles. See this simple flowchart:




As you see we have a loop with our custom IF, this loop can repeat or use several times, and this is the back bone of programming, if you understand this logic everything is easy for you in programming.


What is algorithm?

Algorithms come from that logic too, it’s better to say algorithms and flowcharts have a UNIC meaning and it is supposed to implement a common plan together.

The different between algorithm and flowchart is how to express the solution, as I said flowchart talk to you with shapes but algorithm talk with custom commands.

The important notice is common target between them and you should know they are saying same thing.


I hope I could teach you important tip of steps to programming, if enjoy this video please share it and follow to see other videos.

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