introduction to SEO parts

It’s important to say that SEO is experience, it means everybody have individual attitude about it, there is no formal article from google or any other search engines for level up your ranks, this Classification is specially mine and come from my experience in SEO, Any way in my opinion SEO consist of this three part:

Speed and quality of website | Content | Backlink

This items have different importance degree, the degree percent for Speed & quality is 50%, for content is 30%, for backlink and totally off page activities 20%, let’s review each of them: 

First one Speed and quality of website:

What does quality mean here? In this part quality means, how much each of your page is SEO friendly, mobile friendly and user friendly, After these items speed is so important in SEO competition, this items are the basement of SEO and help you to start improve your website ranks.

Second item content:

Now we have a good website but unfortunately it’s empty, after make your classifications and create pages for product or services, it is best time to create content.
All of websites in each level and group try to give information about their area of expertise to their visitors. 
You can even use content to make internal link to main product in order to lead level-two customers to your main pages.
It means it’s time to familiarize customers that searched something related to main product with your brand and give them time to buy from you.

Last item backlink:

You can improve all of the previous works by backlinks from now, in fact backlink and totally off page activity irritant google to change your rank, this part is necessary in professional SEO.

Items above have a Logical relation, let me explain in this way, if you have an empty website with high quality page and good speed, you can’t improve it, in the other hand if your website have the most number of contents that placed in weak pages,  you don’t have any chance. Furthermore competition with your rivals need to do some off page activity too.

I hope I could teach you important tip of SEO parts, if enjoy this video please share it and follow to see other videos.

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